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Greenpeace Educates Tuna Industry on how to make More Money

Bangkok, 30 May 2008: Greenpeace today challenged the world's tuna industry to prevent its own self-destruction, to ensure not only healthy fish stocks but to increase the long-term profitability of the industry.

College Not Meeting Students' Needs

Students are complaining the country's Solomon Islands College of Higher Education is not meeting up to every day needs.

Parents Applaud Actions on Underage Smokers

The issue on underage smokers is a fast growing problem in the country, according to parents.

Launch of New Male-Owned Saloon

A new saloon, BEN-G's is now open to the public.

Workshop Discuss Way Forward for Schools

A workshop addressing development for all schools in Solomon Islands closed down today in Honiara.

Youths Target for Tobacco Industry

Youths are the target for this year's "World Tobacco Day" in Honiara.

Solomon Bilikiki to Take on Switzerland in Friendly

The National beach soccer squad "Solomon Bilikiki' is eyeing Switzerland for their international build ups before heading off to Marseilles 2008 FIFA Beach soccer World Cup in France.

Will More People Walk to Work as Bus Fares Rise?

As many are bracing themselves for the rise in bus fares come June, some are already making the necessary adjustments, some are walking to work.

SDA Church Organize Prophetic Crusade

The Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church will be organizing an evangelic meeting and night crusade starting on the 1st of June through to the 21st of June 2008 at the Kukum SDA Church.

Mataniko Bridge, Yet another Accident

Despite countless warnings by the Honiara Town Council for drivers to slow down when using the old Mataniko Bridge in China Town, particularly during heavy downpour, many still choose to learn the hard way.

TSI Commends Sir Allan for Standing Firm

Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) commends the Government and Minister of Forests, Sir Allan Kemakeza, for standing firm in their decision to increase the determined value for logs - a new government policy announced recently.

Making a Statement through Hair Braids

The braiding of ones hair is now a common sight in the Solomon Islands, especially amongst the young people in Honiara.

Hike in Fuel Prices Raise Bus Fares

As the price of fuel continues to rise, the bus industry in the Solomon Islands has decided to raise bus fares. As early as the beginning of the month of June bus fares will increase to a $5 for adults and $3 for children and students.

Ministry says Tertiary Students in Good-Hands

About 936 local students who are studying in at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji and at the University of Papua New Guinea can now expect their outstanding allowances and other expenses to be settled on time.

Thousands May Loose Jobs in Logging Sector

Thousands of logging workers would lose their jobs if the Labour Department accepts application for redundancies submitted by about sixteen logging companies, according to the Secretary of the Solomon Forest Association (SFA), Kaipua Tohibangu.

Trip to Taiwan Signifies Our Close Ties: Sikua

Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, Dr Derek Sikua, said that his recent trip to Taipei Taiwan, to attend the inauguration of the 12th President of the Republic of China Mr. Ma Ying-jeou, was very successful.

ADB Provides $11.3M Grant to Help Tonga Improve Urban Infrastructure

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved an $11.3 million grant to improve urban infrastructure in Nuku'alofa, the capital of Tonga, as urbanization and population growth fuel demand for better infrastructure.

Government Fails to Use Timber Levy on Reforestation

Logging companies have claimed that the National Government has failed to take the lead in reforestation in logged out areas, despite imposing a 7% levy on logging companies to be used for reforestation, since 1983.

Opposition Tries to Politicise Honiara Hotel Bill: Fono

The calls by the National Parliamentary Opposition for an immediate investigation into the SBD$1Million hotel bill, reportedly paid by the Government to the Honiara Hotel, has been described by the Government as pure political propaganda.

NPF Refutes Claim

The board and management of the National Provident Fund has strongly refuted a report published recently.

Fiji Names New Election Supervisor

Fiji has selected its new Elections Supervisor after the previous selected candidate withdrew.

Solomons a Tourism Potential

As beautiful above as it is below is one of many phrases used in Solomon Islands to attract tourists to visit the country.

Picking Out of Bins for a Living

The sight of people picking out of rubbish bins around Honiara city is becoming common.

Mentally Ill Accuse Unfit to Stand Trial, Doctor's Report

An accused charged for the murder of a ten-year-old boy is said to be unfit to stand trial.

Need to Address Growing Mental Cases in Solomons

What should be done to people with mental illness, roaming the streets amidst the normal people in Honiara is the question asked among people on the streets.

Taiwan Supports National Population Census Preparatory Project

The Taiwanese Government will fund the National Population and Housing Census Preparatory Project.

Forum-Fiji JWG 29th Meeting Outcomes

Pacific Islands Forum-Fiji Joint Working Group on the Situation in Fiji

Japan Assist Su'u Form 7 Refurbishment Project

The Japanese Government through the Japan Embassy in Solomon Islands handed over assistance towards the Su'u form seven refurbishment project.

PM Sikua to Attend Regional Meet

Prime Minister, Doctor Derek Sikua, will leave this Wednesday to attend the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) meeting in Vanuatu.

Loud Music in Vehicles Trend Annoying

The latest trend of loud music in moving vehicles is described as "immature" and "uncivilized".

Japan to Open Embassy in Tonga

Japan is preparing to open up its new embassy in the region, which will be in Tonga.

Parents Call on Government to Explain New Free Education System

There is need for clarification on the recently approved free education system in the country.

Green Berets Cruise to Another Win

The Green Berets storm the Gold Ridge side with a huge margin as the netball league continues in Honiara.

Telekom Championship Paves Way for Provincial Teams

The Telekom Cup Championship opens with a parade of various provincial teams in Honiara.

Young Local Sports Reps in Noumea to Compete

The Tenakoga and Florence Young Christian School under 12 youth teams have left the country on Sunday to participate in the 3rd edition of the OFC Youth Festival in Noumea, New Caledonia.

Logging Threats Serious: Kingmele

The recent threat by loggers should be taken seriously, with a constructive solution, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Edward Kingmele said.

Operation Clean Harbour Confiscate Undeclared Goods

Over 280 cartons of cigarettes and ten cartons of Korean alcohol have been confiscated from a foreign fishing vessel as part of Operation Clean Harbour.

SBD$1 Million in NPF Contributions Missing

The country's only social security body, the National Provident Fund has again come under the spot light of the media following revelations that millions of dollars had gone missing over a period of time.

Removal of Deputy GM of Telekom Sparks Mass Resignation

Attempts by Telekom General Manager, Martyn Robinson, to blame moves to remove him from office on his Solomon Islander Deputy, Harry Zoleveke by sacking him, has backfired.

PC Khan Formally Leaves the Force

The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner was yesterday bid farewell, in which he stated that "working in the Solomon Islands was not an easy task."

Forum to study idea of a Pacific Single Market and Economy

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat has been mandated to carry out a study on the idea of a Pacific Single Market and Economy (PSME).

ICT Centre for USP

The University of the South Pacific (USP) will commence construction on an Information and Communications centre following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Fiji and Japan.

Guam, Forum Secretariat and SPC sign Letter of Understanding

Workers in the South Pacific could benefit from the 20,000 job opportunities which are expected to be generated as a result of the relocation of the United States military base from Okinawa in Japan to Guam.

Unproductive Use of Aid Results in Donor Dependency: Hou

The unproductive use by Solomon Islands of the funds provided by donors through national and provincial politicians has created a donor dependent mentality for Solomon Islands.

Australian Aid Increase to Support Solomon Islands Rural Development

Australia has increased its bilateral development assistance to Solomon Islands to SBD260 million (AUD40 million) to help bring development to rural people. The increase is part of the Australian Government's 2008-09 Budget announced on 13 May.

Logging Companies Accused of Robbing Solomon Islands

Logging companies in the country have been accused of robbing the government, the country, and resource owners of millions of dollars over the past twenty years by manipulating the country's determined price system for the export of round logs.

USP Appoints New Vice Chancellor

The University of the South Pacific (USP) has appointed Professor Rajesh Chandra as its new Vice Chancellor.

Honiara to Stage Biggest Trade Show

Solomon Islands' national trade show this year will coincide with the country's 30th anniversary celebrations.

FIBA Oceania Officials Visit the Solomons

A delegation is in Honiara to holds talks with Solomon Islands Basketball Federation officials.

Media Ban on Publishing Former Militant's Photos

A media ban is in place on publication of photographs on a former Guadalcanal Liberation Front (GLF) front man.

No Log Exports: Loggers Protest

There is fear of a mass redundancy exercise, and stockpile of logs, by logging companies currently operating in the country, in protest of the increase in determined price for logs carried out by the government.

Remittances from Workers Yet to Make Impact

Money sent from relatives working under short term employment contracts in New Zealand and Australia has yet to make a significant contribution to the economy.

KOSSA FC to Defend Title in Telekom Tournament

The current Telekom National Clubs Champion, Kossa FC has been given green-light to defend the title in the tournament, which kicks of this Saturday at Lawson Tama.

Stepping Stone to Addressing HIV in Solomons

A 'stepping stone' program was piloted in Honiara and addresses various issues relating to the HIV and AIDS virus.

Government to Deliberate on Paper About Guns

Acting Prime Minister Fred Fono says Cabinet will this week deliberate on a paper about the licensed guns that were destroyed after the arrival of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands in 2003.

Netball League Continues in Honiara

The Honiara Netball Association continues its league for this year with Bokolo taking on Tematangi.

Officer Face Charges for Rape

A police officer is being charged with raping a 10-year-old girl.

Hitting 21 and Still With Parents

In all Western societies, celebrating someone's 21st birthday marks freedom to be independent to live your own life.

Hammock Beach - The Place to Be

Most people in the Solomon Islands enjoy socializing and, like most other countries that are liberal towards the consumption of alcohol, a few beers with friends before going back to their homes.

Our Telekom Staff Demand Resignation of CEO

Local staff of the Solomon Islands Telecommunications company, Solomon Telekom, has called for the immediate resignation of company CEO, Martyn Robinson.

School Rehabilitation for Tsunami Stricken Provinces

A delegation is back from the Western Province on a mission to deliver money for the rehabilitation of schools in Western and Choiseul provinces.

OFC Releases Draw for 2008 OFC Futsal

Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) has released the draw for the 2008 OFC Futsal.

Workshop for Solomons School Principals

Principals from high schools around Honiara are currently undergoing a one-day workshop at the Honiara City Council Education Division conference room.

Rights of the Child Awareness for Solomons Children

Save the Children's Child Advocacy Project is currently involved in raising awareness of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Recognition for Local Artists

Opening of the Intercultural Dialogue Arts Exhibition at the national museum helps to promote local arts exhibition.

ILO Advisor Consults with Government on Labour Issues

The Solomon Islands Government through the Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Employment this week has welcomed an initiative by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) aiming to improve labour issues affecting Solomon Islands and other pacific countries.

Australia to Scrap Pacific Solution in Asylum Cases

Australia is planning to scrap the Pacific Solution for the asylum seekers who are still living in detention centers.

Police Arrest Off-Duty Officer for Defilement

A professional and swift investigation by Police has led to an off-duty officer being arrested for defilement.

Police Charge Man for Raping Impaired Woman

Police in Gizo have charged a 29-year-old male for sexually assaulting an intellectually impaired woman in bush land on Vella Lavella Island.

Male Hairdresser to Launch Hair Saloon

Determination is the key to being successful, according to a lone hairdresser who is soon to open a new saloon in Honiara.

Provincial Teams to be Part of Telekom Cup

Nine provincial teams will participate in the Telekom Cup this year.

SIEA Assures Public on No-Repeat of Long Power Cut

Residents around Honiara have been assured that the experience of more than seven hours of no power will not occur again.

French Team to Search for La Pérouse

A team from France is expected in the country from the 20th of September to the 20th of October, to search for the famous French explorer, La Pérouse.

Contract of Police Commissioner Expires Thursday

The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner, Jahir Khan from Fiji, will soon leave the country as his contract officially ends Thursday this week.

Forum Chair Concerned about Death Threats on Australian Diplomat

Forum Chair Expresses Serious Concern over Death Threats Received by Australian High Commissioner to Fiji.

Threats Made to Fiji's Australian High Commission

The Australian High Commission in Fiji is on full alert and requesting the Fiji Government to allow Australian Federal Police officers in to be part of the security at the High Commission following the second death threat made to High Commissioner, James Batley.

Power Cuts Enrages Business Houses

The power failure experienced in Honiara today has angered many business houses in the capital city.

Confidence in English Speaking

English speaking is the official language for Solomon Islands, according to tourist brochures.

Misuse of Children's Park

The launch of a beautiful children's park was a delight for many parents residing in Honiara.

Government to Introduce Nine Years Free Education

In his recent tour to his constituency of North - East Guadalcanal Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua, revealed that his government is intending to introduce nine years of free basic formal education in 2009.

High Price of Rice May Remain: FAO

Solomon Islanders may have to brace themselves for what experts say could be a longer spell in the high prices of rice.

Tight Squeeze on the Roads

Tight squeeze can best describe traffic in the Solomons capital city, Honiara.

Taiwan Supports Secondary School Extension

The Taiwanese embassy has donated 3,000SBD for the extensions of the Mt. Horeb School secondary department, a 1,000 gallon water tank and few boxes of crayon.

Bus Conductors Re-naming the Streets of Honiara

The streets of Honiara are without street signs causing confusion to first time travelers to the capital city.

Kossa Takes on Makuru in Crucial Decider Today

For Kossa, having played two matches - recording a win and a loss in their pool has placed them in an awkward position.

Rise in Underage Smoking Cause Concern

The rise in underage smoking is causing concern. Solomon Times was at one of the popular 'hang out' spots in Rove for young people and made a startling discovery.

Record Economic Growth for Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands economy has performed exceedingly well in 2007 with a record estimated economic growth rate of 10.3%.

Hou Wants Reform in Public Service

The Governor of Central Bank of Solomon Islands, Rick Hou blames weak Public Institutions for the country's sluggish performance in the past 30 years.

Rick Hou Resigns from CBSI

The Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands, Rick Hou, told invited guest at the launching of the CBSI 2007 annual report that the launching will be his last.

Providing Basic Social Protection Not a Question of Wealth

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Even poor countries can afford basic social protection like financing health care, cash transfers to the poor, and elderly and child protection.

Spanish Navigator Links Solomons and Europe

The discovery of Solomon Islands by the great Spanish navigator, Alvaro de Mendana in 1568 marks "the first crucial point of contact" between Solomon Islands and Europe.

Solomon Games Still On: Kiloko

The Solomon Games is likely to take place soon, according to organizers of the national games.

Fono Reassures People of South Guadalcanal of Rehabilitation Package

Acting Prime Minister Honorable Fred Fono today reassures the people of South Guadalcanal that the CNURA Government remains committed to the rehabilitation of the constituency.

How Did We Get Our Names?

In many cultures all over the world names of individuals have very deep meanings. Some names have good omens associated with it; other names carry the pride of the family or clan.

Only Functioning PFA's Will Participate in Telekom Cup: SIFF

The SIFF Secretariat has reiterated that only provincial football associations (PFA) that have organized some sort of competition are eligible to participate in the upcoming Telekom National Clubs Championship.

Spain Welcomes Solomon's to Participate at "Expo 2008" in Saragossa

The new Spanish Ambassador to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Antonio Cosano has welcomed Solomon Islands participation at the "Expo 2008" in the city of Saragossa from June to September.

Constitutional Reform Unit Launches Media Awareness Programme

The Constitutional Reform Unit (CRU), within the Office of the Prime Minister, recently launched its Media Awareness Programme, a programme that seeks to increase publicity of the current Constitutional reform.

Promote Good Governance through Media: PM

Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, during the media freedom day, said that he is keen to promote and support the professional media because of its positive linkage to good governance.

Proper Sanitation in Villages Required: PM

The Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government would like as many villages as possible in Solomon Islands to have access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation during its term.

EU Charge d'Affairs Applauds Reconciliation Efforts

"Reconciliation is the key to development," said the European Union Charge d'Affairs, Dr. Abdoul Aziz Mbaye.

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