Youths are the target for this year's "World Tobacco Day" in Honiara.

Speaking on the occasion to commemorate World Tobacco Day, the Under Secretary for Health Care Division, Dr. Cedric Dalependava placed emphasis on effects on young smokers in the country.

Dr. Dalependava said the target by tobacco manufacturers these days are youths.

"They sponsor sports to attract youths, and this is not doing any good to the young ones with their health," he said.

Dr. Dalependava urged onlookers to really consider quit smoking, stressing that the country is "running out of doctors".

He said that there is need for change of attitude towards smoking, and put control measures especially to discourage the growing number of young smokers.

Dr. Dalependava revealed that the estimated 70% of young smokers will contribute to an increase of many smoke-related diseases in a much later stage of their lives.

"In our approach to discourage smoking among youths, we are pushing to put in place large taxes on tobacco products so that it makes buying smoke expensive," he told the crowd.

Dr. Dalependava said that a bill has been handed to the government for approval.

He called on parents to help in the campaign against young smokers "so that our youths may lead a healthy life".