As beautiful above as it is below is one of many phrases used in Solomon Islands to attract tourists to visit the country.

Traveling out of the capital, Honiara to the 9 provinces will take a visiting tourist to the many unique villages and cultures offered in the culturally diverse Solomon Islands.

Most approached in the public said that while Solomons has so much to offer to tourists, there is still need to build more resorts and the likes to continue attracting visitors.

"In the provinces, we have many places of attraction that needs to be upgraded to resorts and rest houses," a young man from Malaita Province, Nolan Basui observed.

He said that the existing resorts and rest houses are still not enough to attract the kind of market that the country should be receiving in the tourism sector.

Observers also highlighted on the need for people to be more mindful when it comes to beautifying the attraction sites.

"We have the habit of dumping rubbish around places, but that should be stopped if we want to make this country a tourist destination," Mr. Basui added.

A young female observer, Sarah Fiki said that there is need for more awareness on how to meet tourism demands in the local tourism sectors around the provinces.

She said that tourism development will definitely help the country's economy.

"Solomon Islands has so much potential in tourism but it only needs development so that our services can match overseas standards," Ms. Fiki said.