The current Telekom National Clubs Champion, Kossa FC has been given green-light to defend the title in the tournament, which kicks of this Saturday at Lawson Tama.

Kossa's inclusion was confirmed by the SIFF executive yesterday after their meeting to discuss pressing football issues.

The executive also discussed Makuru's outstanding issue on repayment of monies owed to SIFF and agreed to uphold a proposal put forward by the club to address the issue.

Meanwhile, the football associations that met the qualification criteria and will be represented at the Telekom National Clubs Championship are Honiara, Malaita, Western, Makira, Central and Guadalcanal.

Four clubs will represent Honiara with the fifth being the current title holder Kossa FC. Malaita and Western will be represented by two clubs while the other three provincial football associations by a club each.

Kossa, Koloale, Uncles, Marist, Makuru, (Honiara FA), Landowners and Fasi Roos (Malaita FA), Kokohale and Lagoon Brothers (Western FA), Vatu (Guadalcanal FA), Banika Bulls (Central Shields FA) and IC Rovers (Makirala Ulawa FA).