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Solomon Islander Arrested and Charged in Singapore

Solomon Islander Arrested and Charged in Singapore

A Solomon Islander, Fred Tavuata, was sentenced in Singapore to four weeks' jail yesterday after pleading guilty to causing harm to Mr Chua Choon Seng.
Solomon Islands Commercial Forest Gone by 2036

Solomon Islands Commercial Forest Gone by 2036

Chinese demand for luxury timber is driving logging in the Solomon Islands at an unsustainable rate, and may see them stripped of forest by 2036, according to a new report by Global Witness.
New Book Documents Solomon Islands Women Working in Prison System

New Book Documents Solomon Islands Women Working in Prison System

A new book has just been launched in Solomon Islands documenting the history of women working in the prison system.

Single Women Empowered and Uplifted in the Solomon Islands

Single women and teenage girls were the focus of a special weekend in the Solomon Islands in early October 2018, hosted by Adventist Women’s Ministries in the region.

P.M.’s village bestows Sir Kostas with chiefly title

Papua New Guinea businessman, Sir Kostas G. Constantinou has been bestowed the chiefly title, Tulaniu-o-Atua Kostas, taken from the salutation of paramount title Auelua and Fatialofa of Lepa.
SISCC Picks XSite Modular for Landing Stations

SISCC Picks XSite Modular for Landing Stations

The Solomon Islands Submarine Cable Company Limited (SISCC) has commissioned four new modular cable landing stations from XSite Modular.

Drug Trafficking at Sea is Devastating Island States

Ministers of island states call for help in tackling organised crime in the fishing industry, which they say is harming both the environment and human rights.
Solomon Islands' new Minister for Women, Youths, Children and Family Affairs, Lanelle Tanangada, shakes hands with prime minister Rick Hou after her swearing in ceremony at Government House in Honiara.

Tanangada Sworn in As New Minister

The only remaining woman MP in Solomon Islands' 50 member parliament, Lanelle Tanangada, has been sworn in as a minister by the country's governor general.

NFD Faces Piracy Challenges

National Fisheries Development (NFD), a wholly-owned subsidiary of firm Tri Marine International in the Solomon Islands, is facing a "huge challenge" related to fish piracy involving local fishermen illegally collecting fish from the fishing boats in open waters, the firm’s managing director Frank Wickham told the Solomon Star News.
The Isabel project is made up of a number of deposits in Isabel Province of Solomon Islands with the key deposits being Kolosori (pictured here) and San Jorge.

Axiom Shares Soars as Supply Deal Nears

Shares in Axiom Mining (ASX:AVQ) skyrocketed on Wednesday after the Australian miner said it was close to deciding on a partner to take nickel ore supplies from its Isabel nickel project, in the Solomon Islands, in exchange for finance.
William Hesketh Lever (1851–1925), one of the founders of Levers Brothers Company.

Foreshore Conclusion: Part 1

This article seeks to discuss some of the key issues regarding land in Honiara, a particular focus will be on Honiara’s foreshore – past land dealings, court decisions and its impact on its protection and development.
Life as a Carver

Life as a Carver

Shifting from a job as a Welder to a self-employed Carver was no easy decision for Rex Mae of Malaita Province, Solomon Islands.

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