Solomon Islands' national trade show this year will coincide with the country's 30th anniversary celebrations.

Plans are in place for the annual trade show to take place in the capital Honiara after the shift last year to Malaita provincial capital, Auki.

The trade show grounds will be at the eastern part of Honiara.

"This year will be very special for all Solomon Islanders as our country celebrates its 30th anniversary, so it will make the trade show much more meaningful," a young man, Timo Elesi said.

Solomon Times was informed that people from the provinces are also planning to be in Honiara to celebrate the big event.

"All my friends here are planning a trip to Honiara especially for the national trade show," said a young woman from Auki, Alice Sango.

It is expected that this year's trade show will be the biggest to be staged.

"This is a time where family and friends meet to have a good time, and also a time to make new friends," Mr. Elesi said.