Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, during the media freedom day, said that he is keen to promote and support the professional media because of its positive linkage to good governance.

"The freedom that we give to the press or to the media is really freedom that we give to ourselves to exchange views on issues that concerns us," said Dr. Sikua.

He said the media is the channel that carries information to people and as such the Media should be given the authority to give news.

Prime Minister Sikua said that having said that it is important that the press practices objective judgment on what is deemed correct and fair.

Prime Minister Sikua said that his government, with the support of important stakeholders such as the media, is determined to improve governance and eliminate corruption. "For the past 15 years Solomon Islands has faced a lot of ups and downs ...political instabilities, corruption and irresponsible poor leadership," said Dr. Sikua.

Dr. Sikua said that the media can help greatly by producing good quality stories that advance the ideals of good governance.