The Telekom Cup Championship opens with a parade of various provincial teams in Honiara.

This year's game features teams from as far as Makira in the eastern part of the country and Gizo from the western end.

The games kicked off on Saturday and spectators will see a close down on 5th of June.

Catching up with Western Province's Kokohale FC representing Munda, a player said having the team to participate in the tournament is "a privilege".

"Representing our province in this tournament is a privilege for Kokohale FC," he said.

The provincial teams will play with recently defeated club champions, KOSSA FC.

Provincial players said the opportunity to play against "our soccer stars", recognized not just locally but also on international standards, is "an honour".

"The honour of playing against our soccer stars ... will really help us the provincial players gain more skills to strive in our passion for soccer," another provincial player said.