The Governor of Central Bank of Solomon Islands, Rick Hou blames weak Public Institutions for the country's sluggish performance in the past 30 years.

Mr. Hou, in his speech to mark the launching of the 2007 annual report, said all public institutions provide the apparatus for economic development and conduit for service delivery.

"Over time, the public institutional framework has been weak and riddled with mismanagement. This has become an important source of concern for the country," said Mr. Hou. "From the perspective of private sector development, the public service had been the biggest drawback, if not, the obstacle. Turning this monster around has proven a difficult challenge."

Many would agree with the Governors statement. Whether sound policies are chosen, the success of that policy, to a significant extent, depends on the quality of the civil service. As with all other organizations', the performance of the civil service depends on the performance of the individuals that comprise it.