Students are complaining the country's Solomon Islands College of Higher Education is not meeting up to every day needs.

Solomon Times met up with students in town who were looking for any available office to do their photocopying.

"We are only students and rely on the school to provide us with materials and resources but instead, we have to run around and do photocopying," Stephanie Osifelo said.

She told Solomon Times that to photocopy at the school "we have to go through our teachers before going to the school's administration for anything".

"Priority should be on students and the school is not doing that," Ms. Osifelo said.

She said that with the "very big" school fee paid to the school, "we have the right to use school property such as photocopy to help us with our studying".

Ms. Osifelo said that their assignments are due very soon but the hold up for most is due to running around looking for a place to photocopy notes.

"We are students so obviously we do not have the cash to pay for services such as photocopying, so it has really affected us on doing assignments," she said.

Ms. Osifelo added that the school can pick one of two options to address the issue.

"The school can either allow us to use school properties for purpose of doing assignments and other school work, or give us some financial support to meet our school needs around town," she added.

Disgruntled students are calling on SICHE authorities to look into such concerns.

"It may not seem like a big deal to them, but it is affecting students who have lack of resource to fall back on to meet additional costs in their studies."