The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner was yesterday bid farewell, in which he stated that "working in the Solomon Islands was not an easy task."

Mr. Khan said that apart from Fiji, working in the country was very difficult, however, he said that his advantage was the fact that "dealing with the people of Solomon Islands, is the same as dealing with a people in his country, Fiji.

Reflecting on the police force, Mr. Khan said that each and every rank of the police force have given him good support, "during my time in with the whole force, I see that they had been doing alot and they deserve more than what has been given to them," said Mr. Khan.

Mr. Khan also thanked RAMSI for a wonderful initiative to the people of Solomon Islands, particularly its ongoing commitment despite the fact that the Solomon Islands do pose very complex problems.

Also speaking on the occasion was the Acting Police Commissioner, Mr. Peter Marshall, "what we are doing today shows our formal appreciation to your job here," he said.

Mr. Marshall said that Mr. Khan deserves considerable credit, "every commissioner had left the force leaving a legacy and Mr. Khan also leaves the force with a legacy and the legacy is for the community policing to be improved."

The ceremony this morning was concluded with presentations of traditional items to Mr. Khan from the Acting Commissioner and other senior officers.

Mr. Mohammed Jahir Khan is said to be leaving the country at the end of this week, but is yet to be confirmed.