A team from France is expected in the country from the 20th of September to the 20th of October, to search for the famous French explorer, La Pérouse.

Speaking to Solomon Times, Director of the national museum Lawrence Foanaota said that the trip was confirmed during their trip to France last month. Mr. Foanaota said that the trip to Paris, France, was on the invitation of the French government to witness the official launching of the La Perouse expedition team.

Mr. Foanaota said that preparatory work is currently underway, "one archaeologist from the museum, Mr. John Keopo, just arrived back from Vanikoro." "We have already identified three places that are believed to contain some of the remains of the La Pérouse," said Mr. Foanaota. "Paiou, Sapulome and Faeama bay have been identified...there have been logging activities in some of these areas so I hope it has not been disturbed."

Jean-François de Galaup de La Pérouse led the most impressive, single voyage of exploration by a French expedition in the Eighteenth Century and probably of all time. The voyage ended with the disappearance of the expedition, when the ships were sunk at Vanikoro. The distances sailed, the places visited, and the descriptions and information gathered ensured that La Pérouse's expedition can be ranked with those of Cook.

La Pérouse's seamanship and leadership qualities were of the highest order. La Pérouse was only 46 when he died but he already had a distinguished naval career of 30 years behind him.