The Constitutional Reform Unit (CRU), within the Office of the Prime Minister, recently launched its Media Awareness Programme, a programme that seeks to increase publicity of the current Constitutional reform.

"This is a significant step because the Media Awareness Programme is principally to educate the public about the true intentions and aims of the constitutional reform project and conversely the draft federal constitution which is now in place," said John Tuhaika, the Permanent Secretary tasked with reform process.

Mr. Tuhaika said that the media awareness programme will make use of all media outlets in the country in order to raise the profile of the proposed changes to the constitution. He said that such a process would ensure that the expressed desires of Solomon Islanders are recognized under the new constitutional arrangement.

The CRU recently established a Constitutional Congress, with Sir John Ini Lapli as Chairman, and an Eminent Persons Group, with Sir George Lepping as Chairman.