Tight squeeze can best describe traffic in the Solomons capital city, Honiara.

It was observed that while more vehicles are being imported into the country, nothing is being done to the infrastructure of the city's roads.

Observers agreed that "the roads are getting smaller and smaller everyday".

"There is high need for road maintenance and extension," a young pedestrian told Solomon Times.

Another pedestrian highlighted on the need for a separate lane for the heavy duty vehicles.

"The small road set-up, too many vehicles and huge heavy load vehicles is just not a good combination," a young student observed.

The young observer said that there is need for authorities to consider putting a separate lane for the heavy duty vehicles "to avoid possibility of serious accidents".

Tight road space is also said to be the reason behind increase on traffic accidents.

Authorities are called on to consider re-modeling the city's infrastructure for a safer road environment.