What should be done to people with mental illness, roaming the streets amidst the normal people in Honiara is the question asked among people on the streets.

This follows an incident near the Magistrates Court earlier today involving popular mental man, Francis, who reacted angrily towards an expatriate for not responding to a question he asked.

Solomon Times witnessed the expatriate quickly giving money to calm Francis and left the scene looking very upset over the confrontation.

People who witnessed the incident said it is not the first outburst that Francis has given to the public.

Solomon Times was informed that last year, a woman was being hit by Francis in the busy Point Cruz streets of Honiara.

It was questioned why responsible authorities are not doing much to address the issue on increasing number of mental people roaming the street.

"This is not discriminating against these people with mental illness but it is not safe for everyone else on the street," a young student said.

In Solomon Islands, people with mental illness can be treated at Kilufi'i hospital in Malaita Province.