Most people in the Solomon Islands enjoy socializing and, like most other countries that are liberal towards the consumption of alcohol, a few beers with friends before going back to their homes.

Most usually wind down after work at the Hammock Beach, West of Guadalcanal, a hotspot for families and, when the sunsets, those that want to have a beach party.

Speaking with few regulars, many say that it is just a very relaxing atmosphere.

"It is such a nice spot, very quiet place to go and relax with friends," Hilbrant Kuper, a regular, said.

He told Solomon Times that what makes the place very popular to hang out are the little leaf huts just meters away from the beach side.

"Whether it is a hot day or even if it is raining, you are safe in those small leaf huts," he said.

The Hammock beach has also been used for birthday parties, "it is very nice and quiet venue to organise parties, where no one can disturb," said Melinda Manu.

She said that even though people spend the night at the beach, they are safe because the owners of the beach always patrol the area to keep out potential troublemakers.

"The people who keep watch at the Hammock beach are all friendly people and they care for whoever enters their property, which is good and different from other beaches in Guadalcanal," she added.

"Every time I plan with my friends for a party, I always choose Hammock beach, because you can go there in the afternoon and stay there and enjoy til the early hours of the next day as it is very safe," said Ms. Manu. "When the sun sets, thats when the real party starts."