The latest trend of loud music in moving vehicles is described as "immature" and "uncivilized".

Speaking to people on the streets of Honiara, many described the trend as "young people wanting to catch people's attention".

The 'mobile DJ' trend sees huge speakers in the back of vehicle boots and the latest of music system in the vehicles.

"If the young drivers think it's attractive, it is not because it is so annoying having music so loud you can't even hear what the person next to you is saying," a young female observer, Trixie Carter said.

Most have agreed that this could be part of "catching up with outside trend" for the young people.

Approaching the elderly crowd, most agreed that the now common "noisy vehicles" in Honiara is a reflection of how youths these days are uncontrollable.

It was agreed that loud music from moving vehicles is quickly associated to consumption of alcohol "behind the four doors".

But youths argued that these are young people just enjoying life and "as long as we are not causing accidents or trouble, it is not a problem".