The streets of Honiara are without street signs causing confusion to first time travelers to the capital city.

Traveling in a public bus, bus conductors have now resorted to naming some of the stops along the highway in Honiara. So depending on which bus you catch, many of the bus conductors have different names for the different stops along the Honiara highway.

"Try listening to the bus conductors of buses next time you catch the bus," said Lily Tino, a regular user of public transport who pointed this out.

"They would say rare names that would sometimes make you think whether you are going in the right direction," said Lily. "Some of the bus conductors in most buses can be so creative...but this caused alot of confusion especially when I first came to Honiara."

Sammy, a bus conductor, was kind enough to help point out some spots that they have renamed. "Outside the Lawson Tama stadium we normally call it 'promise point' because that's where most young couples meet at night," said Sammy. "Another spot is 'sweet cherry' because that's where people sell betel nut...and another is Kwaso Street because that is where people buy Kwaso." Kwaso is the illegal alcohol home brew, popular with many of the youths.

Asked why they have decided to give different spots different names Sammy said that it's just out of boredom. "There are no street signs, so it's not our fault for causing confusion sometimes."