For Kossa, having played two matches - recording a win and a loss in their pool has placed them in an awkward position.

Playing against an in-form team like Makuru may prove to be a difficult mission to accomplish.

Makuru and Marist are clear favorites to qualify in their pool after registering six points each. Marist has already completed its matches winning two and losing one against Makuru.

However, its 3-0 win over Kossa and 5-1 beating of Walas puts it in a much more advantageous position.

Kossa coach Jacob Moli is aware of the hurdle he and his boys must overcome in order to qua1ify, saying they will just play their normal game.

Meanwhile, in related news the Guadalcanal champion club will be known after the final match between Vatu FC of Sahalu Football Association and Blue Valley of Paripao FA is played out today at the Lawson Tama, prior to the Kossa versus Makuru game.

Vatu had won the first of the two matches on Monday - defeating Blue Valley 3-1 in an entertaining match. It is anticipated that the match today would be tough as Blue Valley will try to avenge its earlier loss to Vatu FC.