The issue on underage smokers is a fast growing problem in the country, according to parents.

Solomon Times met up with several parents on the issue following the focus on youths and smoking at the launch of World Tobacco Day today.

Nason Bria said that underage smoking has been a fast growing problem for youths, especially those who are under the influences of their peers.

"It is quite hard to stop them from their habit because if we keep on at it, they would just rebel even more," Mr. Bria said.

He applaud the proposal to raising tax on cigarettes in order to make buying them expensive as the right move.

A mother of one, Janet Ini said that it is a relief for parents to see that the Ministry responsible is finally doing something to address the issue of smoking youths.

"This is especially for the underage youths who do not realize the health impact the habit has on them," she said.

Mrs. Ini said that although the proposal is yet to be approved by the government "we are keeping our fingers crossed that the Cabinet will give their approval".

Solomon Times understands that the bill has already been passed on to the government for approval.

The bill covers proposal to put a ban on the local tobacco company to advertise, and also restrictions on selling of tobacco products to underage smokers.