The board and management of the National Provident Fund has strongly refuted a report published recently.

The report revealed that close to a million dollars went missing from the fund, when an internal audit was carried out. The Board and Management however, said the amount reported stolen or missing was substantially less than SBD$1 million.

In a press statement signed by the chairman of the Board, Mr. Adrian Wickham, the NPF board stated that contrary to the report raised by the Fund's Internal Auditor, the Fund's internal control measures are working.

The Chairman also assured NPF members of the Board's commitment to ensure members' monies are well looked after.

"NPF is determined to use every means possible, including the full force of the law to bring to justice any of its officers or members of public, who is implicated over any missing money in the Fund," said the chairman Adrian Wickham.

The press statement said that there is no definitive evidence to suggest the alleged on-going fraudulent activities within the Fund. However, the Board and Management take any allegation of fraud within the Fund seriously.

"NPF Fund members can be assured that we will thoroughly investigate these allegations. Anyone who is found to have defrauded or conspired to defraud the Fund will face serious consequences, including criminal prosecution," the press statement reads.

The statement however said, "on a brighter note, the members of the Fund should expect a good dividend distribution when the Board makes the declaration at the end of June. So far the Board is pleased with the performances and results of the Fund's various investments."

"The Board is determined to let the members share in and benefit from the returns to these investments."

The press statement wants the public to know that the Board and Management welcome and encourage dialogue with and among stakeholders on matters connected with the Fund.

"We are a public and members' based Organisation. Our doors are always open to anyone who wants to discuss with us."