The Taiwanese embassy has donated 3,000SBD for the extensions of the Mt. Horeb School secondary department, a 1,000 gallon water tank and few boxes of crayon.

"As you know, education is a prerequisite for any country's national economic development. Educational environment also plays a significant role in cultivating students' good characters," the Taiwanese Ambassador H.E. George Chan said at Wednesday's handover ceremony.

The donation follows a request to the Embassy by the Chairman and founder of the school, John Maetia.

"[Our Embassy] responded positively without any hesitation [and] is honoured in giving the 1,000 gallon tank to the Horeb School in the presence of students, teachers and parents," H.E. Chan said.

The ceremony was informed that the donation is part of the Taiwanese Embassy's "Education is the One-hundred Year Strategy of a Nation."

"I promise that Taiwan will continue to assist in the education sector of Solomon Islands for many years to come," said H.E. Chan.