The braiding of ones hair is now a common sight in the Solomon Islands, especially amongst the young people in Honiara.

If you walk around Honiara town, you would not miss to see someone with hair braids, "it is a fashion statement," said Lillian, a form three student. "To me it's an expression of myself...I guess it shows of how confident I am with myself."

Fiona Danny, a hair stylist who specializes in hair braiding, said that business has really picked up since she focused on hair braiding. "I used to do it for fun, but there is now a huge potential as more people want braids," she added.

She told Solomon Times that she has now taught herself various styles of braiding as many now want something that "stands out."

Others take a less glamorous take on the whole hair braiding craze. "I braid my hair because I do not want to brush my hair," said Brenda, a shopkeeper, with a smile. "When I am lazy to do my hair, I get friends to braid my hair for me."