As many are bracing themselves for the rise in bus fares come June, some are already making the necessary adjustments, some are walking to work.

Ken, a statistician at the Ministry of Finance, said that he has now opted to walk every morning to work. "It takes less then twenty minutes if I walk at a moderate pace...I think it is a lot healthier as well."

Vena, a banker at one of the commercial banks in town, said that she has now decided to walk home after work. "I am quite tight with my budget so if I walk home after work then I would be spending the same amount of money, each month, for transport even with the increase."

Some have opted to forget public transportation altogether. Solomon Times came across a very interesting man in town carrying two large four inches of mattresses, amidst the hustle and bustle of Honiara town.

He walked the full stretch of Honiara town, without once stopping a cab or bus. Many that watched said that he is simply making the adjustment to the rise bus fares and quite possibly other public transportation.