Despite countless warnings by the Honiara Town Council for drivers to slow down when using the old Mataniko Bridge in China Town, particularly during heavy downpour, many still choose to learn the hard way.

Just yesterday a brand new Toyota Corolla slammed into the side of the bridge. "The bridge was just too slippery after the heavy rain," said one onlooker. "This is not the first time, some pedestrians were very lucky to escape harm."

The onlooker said that it is very important for the responsible authorities to re-look at the slippery surface of the Mataniko Bridge before something worse happens.

"We want the local authorities to rebuild it so that we can feel safer, not only when the surface is dry but also when there is heavy down pour...many students use this bridge," she said.

Lian Siu, a mother of four who was crossing the bridge at the time of the accident stresses that "people's safety should come first....refurbishment of the bridge should be made a top priority by the responsible authorities."

City Clerk, Joseph Huta, when contacted said that they are aware of the condition of the bridge and they are awaiting a report from a civil engineer who is currently looking at all the roads and bridges in Honiara. Mr. Huta said that the report will be put forward to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development for immediate action.