We need to be very careful about dealing with certain things regarding this time where the world technology is changing every 6 months. Today it's Facebook next year probably TikTok. But hey think again is this the best solution to the problem?

Think about the local SME's in our country...FB is a means of promoting and marketing the products they sell and it's a faster way of marketing and promoting products and services for our local businesses around the country.

Think about a faster way to get awareness and information across the country. How can we communicate more efficiently with people around the world?

Before you ban face book you should establish or come up with policies that will facilitate the issue of cyber crime and cyber security. Do we have one in place at the moment?

There are disadvantages and advantages of the use of fb in the country. We need a cyber crime act in place so we have laws to govern the use of fb in our country. We can do better. In fact there is no separate body to regulate the use and standard of ICT that will govern the use of ICT in the country.

Just because the MPs and ministers are up there and are the target on fb does not mean the solution is to ban fb. We will go against the fundamental laws that govern the country. We will go against the constitution of the country because we have a system of democracy in place. We need to think again.

What about education? What about efficient communication? What about the freedom of speech? Let's be wise deal with the situation at hand. We need a proper cyber crime act in place to govern the laws of ICT in the Solomon Islands.

Let's not try to solve one problem and cause another. Every citizen of the country need the service provided on social media as long as we are govern by the laws of ICT in the country and we do not abuse it.