Thank you to those that leaked the stimulus list to the public. It is public money so public has the right to know.

I look at the list of businesses that receive and some of them are well known businesses in Honiara, others look like they just operate and registered recently.

I want the stimulus committee to look into these companies that are not well known and verify what business they are conducting, and payments made to them.

We know from past experience that people on the inside sometimes collude with people on the outside and they plan and siphon huge amounts of public money. I think a lot of the unknown businesses that benefited from the stimulus are engaged in this type of activity.

As an ordinary Solomon Islander who works hard for my own money, I would like to call on the stimulus committee to make proper investigations. If they are scared of the network involved than forward the case with all documents to the anti-corruption commission. I think it is time we fight this evil network that we know exist in some government agencies.