The official opening of the Women's Week was held at the town ground field this morning.

The event is organized by the National Council of Women and attended this morning by Hilda Kari, Hilda Kaukui and Janet Tuhaika, among other guests at the opening ceremony.

Speaking at the opening, Mrs. Kaukui said that the event is not only a celebration to mark the women's week, but it is also a meaningful week of empowering of women and children.

The theme of this year's Women's Week is: High Cost of Living Equals Poverty.

President of the National Council of Women, Mrs. Hilda Kari also voiced out her opinion at the ceremony on Solomon Islanders who are suffering from high costs of living, which is becoming a problem to our people.

She said that Solomon Islands is rich in resources and many other things, yet "rural people and some of us are facing the problem, suffering from high cost of living, while some people are enjoying the high class life."

Mrs. Kari said that this problem becomes an effect of poverty and is abusing most of our villagers, appealing to everyone to start working together, "so that we could get rid of poverty in eight years time."

Also speaking at the opening, Director of National Council of Women, Mrs. Janet Tuhaika, said that long term of high cost of living will put a lot of pressure on people.

"Some families are living in rubbish dumps while some are living in the high class lifestyle, it is a very serious thing to worry about and do something about it."

Meanwhile, the organizing committee are pleased to have again organized various activities, which they hope people will participate in to make this year's celebrations much more enjoyable and exciting.

They have also received assistance towards prizes for the various competition and games from Business houses through their appeals and as well as financial assistance from Honiara City Council, WDD and National Council of Women.

This has showed their support towards women's development program in our country.