The newly appointed Minister for Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs, Clement Kengava, has vowed to achieve the goals of the newly created ministry.

The parliamentary wing leader of the People's Alliance Party made the statement yesterday after being sworn into office by the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena.

"I myself know there is a big expectation on the new ministry to tackle this very important task and I will try my best to achieve my ministerial goals."

Mr. Kengava went on to say that he is mindful of the fact that the task ahead would be challenging, particularly with the high expectation by the rural populace on the government's Bottom-up Approach Development Policy.

Mr. Kengava said he believed that the key to strengthening the future of Solomon Islands lay in the strengthening of the rural sector, meaning the active involvement of indigenous people in commercial development.

The Minister said local people tend to be left out in commercial development activities and this matter must be seriously looked into.

Mr. Kengava becomes the third member of the People's Alliance Party to join the Grand Coalition for Change Government.