The Police Remembrance Day was held this morning at the Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) Memorial Park at Rove.

The Remembrance Day, which is known as the Blue Ribbon's Day, was a time to remember the officers who died in the course of duty.

A police procession from the Central Police Station to Rove started the day, which involved the police band, a colour party, flag bearers, wreath bearers and several police and prison service platoons.

An ecumenical service was held at Rove to mark the day.

The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Jahir Khan, was invited for Police Calling of the Honour Roll.

Speaking at the occasion, Commissioner Khan said that the demand made on the police for unqualified dedication, without reservation and equivocation, and to the defence integrity in our land regularly exhorts the price of supreme sacrifice from men and women in their ranks.

"We proudly remember those who have died in the execution of their duties since the foundation of our nation, and in particular those whose untimely deaths have occurred during the last twelve months in Solomon Islands, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea," the Commissioner said.

Mr. Khan read out the names of the officers who died whilst performing their duties in the preceding twelve months, followed by the laying of wreaths.

The Blue Ribbon's Day was internationally recognized as a police remembrance, and the ceremony is held annually in some other countries including Solomon Islands.