The National Government on Friday donated vehicles and boats to Rennell and Bellona province after the first-ever annual premiers' conference in East Rennell.

Minister of Provincial Government and Rural Development, Japhet Waipora, officially handed over the donations to the province when closing the annual premier's summit.
The actual cost of the vehicles and boats are not made available but the Minister indicated a cost of over half a million dollars.

"My Ministry is very pleased with Rennell and Bellona for successfully hosting this conference. Although this province is remote and small, their commitment is a show of their contribution towards national development," Mr Waipora said.

Rennell and Bellona became a province of its own after being officially separated from the Central Islands Province in 1993. Premier Solly Tengemoana said the province faced many development challenges over the last 14 years.

But he said the province has huge tourism potential if both the national and provincial governments work together to develop the industry. He said the UNESCO listed World Heritage Lake Tegano in East Rennell can generate a lot of money both for indigenous landowners, the province and the national government.

Premier Tengemoana said the government donations will assist his administration to carry out its function more effectively in years ahead.