The planned housing estate for the Prime Minister and his cabinet has been criticized by the Opposition Spokesman for Finance and Treasury, Edward Huniehu.

Mr. Huniehu accuses the government of expending millions of tax payers' money to construct a government estate absorbing much of government finances and neglecting the people of the rural areas.

He says this exercise will definitely affect the financing of the much talked about Bottom Up Approach, and a selfish denial of the development needs of the rural people, who desperately need capital to kick-start the rural economy.

Mr Huniehu goes on to accuse the government of putting too much emphasis on politicians that it has become apparent they have lost sight of the more urgent development issues of the country.

Mr Huniehu said politicians have received increased benefits over the last year whilst the rural people are still waiting to receive their part of the cake. Mr Sogavare said that by way of an example, politicians, under Mr Sogavare, have increased benefits and the government have legislated to increase the number of ministers to 24, which will cost the government at least 10-million dollars annually.

The government has also created other lucrative posts to politicians who will support the government of the day. Mr Huniehu said that these are indications of an administration who do the opposite of what they say they will do for the people of the country.