I am a gole ni lauru
But that doesn’t mean I am a lesser human
I have dark skin but that doesn’t make us enemies

We are a family
Let’s not fight over the sins of our elders
We all have our issues lets stand together;
And pray our elders listen.

I am a gole ni lauru
I am strong but right now I feel helpless
I will keep smiling because;
I believe we are one.

You’re a doctor, I am a nurse,
We are teachers, lawyers, business women,
Hausgels, shopkeepers, social workers
We are mothers, sisters, a friend and a wife
We are human.

I am uncertain but I am hopeful
I am fearful yet I am prayerful
I am positive we’ll get through this
And always remain a family.

To our leaders see what you've done
Listen to our VOICES
We are LOUD; that you can’t deny.
We are a family and we are stronger together
We are birds of a feather.

Stop pointing fingers up there
We are all out here
Listen! You hear that?
Like waves crashing against the rocks?
That’s US calling out to you.

Stop Exploitation and Corruption!
Keep us safe
Keep us sane
Keep us together
After all we are a family.

I am a gole ni lauru
My best friend is a welageni
We are sisters
Please listen,
We are still here