After writing an article on Service Delivery in the country, the issue of Tourism Fund came up.

All that is happening comes back to the question of whether we have true genuine leaders in the current parliament. I believe honest and genuine leadership is no longer in the Parliament Vocabulary. The power of MONEY has caused System Hemorrhage of good, honest and genuine leadership in the country and therefore, corruption is being practiced right under the bright sun where everyone could be witnesses. However, we are the ones to blame. The process of corruption started in the screening process for Public Servants and the polls for Parliament Members.

We can't keep going on like this. The solution is to overhaul the Parliament. Some of them are being there for donkey years and are well familiar with the system. They know what to do and how to cover up what they did. YES, we do have very few genuine leaders in the current parliament!

People of Solomon Islands must act and apply their POWERS in the next general election or accept the fact that CORRUPTION has no medication apart from INDIVIDUAL HONESTY for what they stand for. We need to wash and repair the OLD HOUSE and get it ready for the new occupants. The system is absolutely fine. It is those who have been empowered to execute the system that is not doing what the system wants them to do. Let us not keep MPs' for more than 2 or 3 terms in Office, unless and until an individual can prove him/herself to be trustworthy. If you can't be trusted, then how on earth do you think we should keep you? The seat is ours, the constituency and people of Solomon Islands. Thus, we don't need selfish attitude to manage what are rightfully the peoples. You work or get ready to pack up and leave. Remember YOU are just a custodian.

People of Solomon Islands, stop talking and start work the talk.