Dear Editor, allow me space to comment on the topic above. As a scholar let me share my view on the impacts of cyberbullying affecting youths in Solomon Island.
Cyberbullying has become a major issue concerning youths in the country being trapped through social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram where people are hacking devices without consent, sharing photos with someone unfaithful and brutal commentaries via social media. For instance, one fellow Islander was criticized for her video that went viral on Facebook, as a result she was traumatized and lacked confidence to attend school and public events. This issue of cyberbullying totally affects the freedom of that person to enjoy her life.
How can we address this issue and who is responsible for it is the question that all of us must consider. Therefore, some possible ways to address this issue are;
a. The government of Solomon Island through its responsible ministry must act quickly to pass the SIM Card bills as it is necessary to stop these cyberbullying crimes and capture culprits who did this.
b. Affected youths must seek counseling from responsible authorities to solve health related matters leading to mental illnesses, traumatization etc.
c. Youths must show respect to each other. Respect your friend or your partner as individual privacy is important.
Moreover, I urge all individuals, communities and governments to work collectively to address this issue affecting our youths. Our growing population is determined by youths and a rightful approach is required to protect our youths from risking their lives. We all lived once on this earth, let us all enjoy the life that we have and SAY NO TO CYBERBULLYING!
DG102 Student