The Leader of Opposition, Dr Derek Sikua, calls on Prime Minister Danny Philip to resign for allegedly selling a government-owned house at Tandai to the Member of Parliament for West Honiara without the consent of cabinet.

Dr Sikua said that it appears that the decision to sell the Tandai property to West Honiara MP was a unilateral decision by the Prime Minister.

He said the unilateral decision is confirmed by the former Commissioner of Lands, Silver Dunge, in the letter of offer on the property to Namson Tran.

Dr Sikua said a further confirmation was the Press Statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister which denied any intention by the NCRA Government to sell the government house concerned to the West Honiara MP, or any other state-owned house.

The Opposition Leader said the action taken by the Prime Minister is an abuse of power and it warrants his removal from office should he refuse to resign.

He said parliamentarians must rise up to the challenge of providing quality leadership to the people of Solomon Islands and not allow self interest and greed to overshadow their vision to create a better Solomon Islands.