The acting Special Coordinator of RAMSI, Wayne Higgins, says that RAMSI is working with the National Government and the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force to ensure that the country's provinces are properly consulted on RAMSI's transition.

Mr Higgins made the statement during consultations in Isabel Province over the past few weeks. The consultations are aimed at making sure provincial authorities and their communities are fully informed about the planning for RAMSI's transition.

"The transition will be a gradual process, done in consultation with the provinces, in order that confidence in the ability of the police is maintained and the partnership between the community and the police is fully supported by the Government and RAMSI during this important stage," said Mr Higgins.

Solomon Islands Permanent Secretary Responsible for RAMSI, Paul Tovua, who represented the National Government at the Isabel talks, said that it was important for Solomon Islands to take the lead in shaping the future direction of RAMSI's time in the country.

"There is an opportunity for RAMSI's role to change and an opportunity for Solomon Islands to lead the change and for Solomon Island leaders, officials and people to step into the space created by RAMSI's transition and assume full responsibility for the good of our communities."