Speaking on the floor of Parliament, Minister for Justice and Legal affairs, Hon Toswell Kaua took a swipe at the donors for their lack of flexibility when it comes to providing Aid money for development.

"Nearly all Aid assistances are pre-determined by Aid donors themselves before allocations are made as to how funds are to be utilized by the recipient country," said Mr Kaua.

He told the Parliament that each year the government is faced with the dilemma of how to really utilize funds for its programme of action when the ultimate decision of how Aid funds are to be utilized has already been determined by the Donors. "This leaves us very little room to maneuver with regards to aid funds," said Mr Kaua.

Mr Kaua called on Aid donors to be more vigilant, considerate and flexible in their conditions on how funds are to be utilized.

".....allow recipient country to have more say on how aid funds ought to be allocated to meet the most needed areas of development which could be of more beneficial to the country's real needs for progress and prosperity in nation building," Kaua said.