With many anxious to see an end to the Honiara City Councils' (HCC) political problems, Honiara residents will have to wait, the election of the new Honiara City mayor has been postponed until next week.

The Office of the Attorney General have advised against holding an election as there are no provision in the Honiara City Council Act to elect a mayor after a successful motion of no confidence.

The Attorney General's Office advised that the provision in the Act only caters for the election of a mayor after an ordinary election.

The HCC City Clerk, Mr. Joseph Huta said that the elections were to be held yesterday morning at 9 am at the City Council's Education Conference room.

Two candidates were nominated following the successful motion against the former Mayor, Alfred Maetia.

The two candidates are Andrew Mua, who was nominated by Tom Lolemae Councilor for Rove Lengakiki and Jimmy Tavoa Councilor for Mbuburu ward.

The other candidate is Dwayne Tigulu who was nominated by Lawrance Makili, councilor for Naha and Charles Kira for Kukum ward. Mr. Dwayne Tingulu was a member of the former executive.

Mr. Joseph Huta said that they are looking forward to giving full support to whoever is elected, "we expect a lot of changes from the new Lord Mayor," he added.

No date has been set for the election of the new City Mayor.