The motion of No Confidence on the Prime Minister has been withdrawn by the mover of the motion, Edward Huni'ehu, amidst high political drama in the parliamentary chambers.

The Prime Minister, prior to the debate, raised a point of order on the motion, stating that there is currently a case before the courts on the mover of the motion and the Speaker of Parliament. The Speaker stated that the parliament will not be allowed to be politicized, and the separation of powers, enshrined in the constitution, means that the parliament is not subjected to court proceedings.

Mr Sogavare then raised another point of order stating that the Speaker of Parliament has publicly stated his views in the media, which raises serious questions on the impartiality of the Speaker. Sogavare then moved a motion to remove the Speaker from the chambers if the motion was to be debated.

Speaker of Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, stated that those views were of the "Speaker and not the Parliament". Sir Peter also said that he has already sought his own legal advice and that "there is no reason why he should vacate the seat", as he is capable and willing to chair the Parliamentary proceedings. The Speaker then said that the Prime Minister's motion to remove him from the chambers will not be heard.

The Prime Minister then raised another point of order stating that, if the motion is allowed to proceed, the government will only listen to the views of the Opposition but will not debate the motion. The Speaker went ahead with the motion and gave the floor to Edward Huni'ehu.

The Member of East Are' Are' and mover of the motion, Edward Huni'ehu, said briefly in his opening statement that he does not want to create further animosity so he has decided to withdraw his motion. Edward Huni'ehu then stated that he will first attend to the court summons "filed by none other than Prime Minister Solomon Islands", before moving another No Confidence motion on the Prime Minister.

Parliament was adjourned immediately after the motion was withdrawn.