Rennell Bellona Province will have at least 1 million dollars injected into its small rural economy for the upcoming Premiers Conference, which is scheduled for September 11 to 15.

The Minister for Provincial Government and Rural Development, Japhet Waipora, revealed this figure in Parliament yesterday. Waipora said that the bulk of the funding would come from the Republic of China (ROC). Waipora said that UNDP would meet the traveling expenses of some delegates traveling to Rennell Bellona.

The Hon. Member added that while many have criticized his Ministry and the Government for spending money on a conference that is going to be held at a distant venue, the present Government were committed and cared for the rural populace.

Waipora said that since this year's Independence Anniversary was held in one of the biggest provinces, it is only proper that the Premiers Conference is held in the smallest Province of Rennell Bellona. The Hon. Member also said that as long as he is Minister of Provincial Government "he will not allow national events to be centralized".