Tensions are high in Honiara as the Prime Minister, in less then one and a half years in power, faces up to yet another motion of No Confidence - the second since he came to power.

The vote, due in less than two hours, was called by Edward Huni'ehu over Mr Sogavare's controversial appointment of Julian Moti as Attorney-General. The Opposition has continued to speak out against the appointment of Mr Moti, stating the government has acted irresponsibly. Mr Huni'ehu has stated that the motion is moved to ensure that the 'seed of truth' is being planted in the hearts and minds of ordinary Solomon Islanders.

The opposition group has, however, suffered a huge setback with the arrest of a prominent member of the Opposition. The legislator, along with two other individuals, has been charged with using bribes in an attempt to influence the vote. Mr Huni'ehu strongly denies the allegations, claiming it is all part of a plot by his rivals to tarnish his reputation and the motion of No Confidence in the PM. With twenty six MPs required to pass a No Confidence motion, it will be an uphill battle for the Opposition.

Only yesterday a government spokesman stated that the government has the numbers necessary to defeat the motion. It is understood that members of the Sogavare government met earlier this week pledging to support the Prime Minister. Earlier reports of a possible rift within government between members of Guadalcanal were dispelled as 'mere rumors' by the government spokesman.

Nevertheless, political lobbying has continued to intensify, even in the 'eleventh hour', as both sides continue to claim that they have enough support to win or defeat the motion.

The Solomon Times Online will provide updates on today's motion of No Confidence.