The Solomon Islands Auditor General will probe into how millions of dollars set aside for tsunami relief work in the Western Solomons have been used.

This follows questions raised in parliament and recently by the Premier of Western Province, Alex Lokopio, on how millions of dollars in emergency relief funds were spent.

Mr. Lokopio earlier expressed disappointment in the way the post-tsunami relief assistance had been carried out. "The condition of some of the people in Gizo is no different from two weeks after the tsunami," said Lokopio.

He said that people are still living in tents four months after the tsunami and earthquake hit the Western and Choiseul provinces on the morning of Monday 2nd April 2007.

According to the National Disaster Management Office Program Officer, Julian Maka'a, at least 36,588 people in the two provinces were affected by the tsunami disaster.

The international community has since then poured in millions of dollars in aid money to support the victims.

The finance minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, stated in parliament earlier this week that the audit will determine how the relief funds were spent.

"The audit report will feature whether or not we have carried out the expenditure in the right way, lawfully, and that it is targeting those people affected and that it is value for money."