Guadalcanal Province has been commended for being the country's "engine room" since independence.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, in addressing Guadalcanal Province 25th Second Appointed Day celebrations, said the government and people of Guadalcanal deserve the commendation of the people of Solomon Islands for hosting the only urban centre in the country that sustains national development.

He said that Guadalcanal Province has continued to pull the important infrastructure that support the country's many endeavors to address national development needs.
Mr. Sogavare acknowledged Guadalcanal Province of being the "engine room that powers and sustains the developments we see in other provinces".

He commended Guadalcanal Province as one of the country's development arms for having contributed a lot to national efforts to ensure that Solomon Islanders continue to grow economically.

Mr. Sogavare said like other provincial governments, Guadalcanal Province has a duty to assist the national government in addressing the development aspirations of the nation, reiterating his government's ongoing commitment to ensure Solomon Islands becomes a better place for all.