Manasseh Sogavare stated during the sine dire motion last week that he will lodge an official complaint, to the Vanuatu government, over the conduct of its Supreme Court Acting Registrar.

Sogavare maintains that the information, provided to the Papua New Guinea Inquiry into the Moti affair by the Acting Registrar of the Vanuatu Supreme Court, was wrong. The Acting Registrar, in a letter to the PNG Board of Inquiry, stated that the case against Moti was still pending because Mr Moti had not returned to Vanuatu jurisdiction.

" How can the Acting Registrar assert that our AG had not returned to the Vanuatu Jurisdiction when he was physically present there in the Supreme Court for the entire duration of the civil phase of the concocted case against him and so many times since then up until March last year" said Sogavare.

"For the information of this house, government is taking up this issue of criminality with Vanuatu to ensure the administration of justice in Melanesia remains pure and uncorrupted by alien influences"

Meanwhile, The National Express Newspaper reported that the Acting Registrar of the Vanuatu Supreme Courts, in a telephone interview, maintains that there was nothing misleading in the contents of his letter. The Acting Registrar said that he stood by the contents of his letter to the PNG Board of Inquiry.