Member of Parliament for North Malaita, Enele Kwanairara, confirms writing a letter to ex-militants in relation to the raid of the police armoury in 2000.

He said the letter requests the ex-militants to expose leaders who gave orders, organized resources and planned the raid of the police armoury.

Mr. Kwanairara in a statement also confirmed having made visits in prison, for reason of reconciliation between the ex-combatants and members of his own family who were intimidated and threatened during the tension period.

He adds it was during his visits in prison that the ex-combatants expressed frustrations on issues of justice and fairness, sharing their anger in being "let down by taking punishment while the big fish are enjoying freedom".

Mr. Kwanairara explained that a letter had to be written to the prisoners when prison authorities stopped him from making further visits, stating the letter was part of his efforts to free his people from taking the punishment they do not deserve.

He questioned why government is disturbed about the letter if they had done nothing wrong. Mr Kwanairara said he holds no grudge against anyone, and is not fearful by the issue in believing truth and justice will prevail.

Meanwhile, MP for West New Georgia Vona Vona, Peter Boyers, told Parliament there is nothing wrong with the letter distributed by East Honiara MP, Charles Dausabea.

Mr. Boyers said the letter only goes to show that an MP was seeking knowledge on events surrounding the 2000 coup from ex-militants. He told Parliament it were common knowledge that former militants talk to both the government and the opposition over discontentment and feelings that they had been used.

Mr. Boyers informed Parliament that former militants were advised by the Opposition not to use the Opposition and vice versa. He said former militants, while guilty of rough crimes committed during the ethnic unrest, have a right to voice their concerns.