The Premier of Western Province, Alex Lokopio, has questioned how millions of dollars in emergency relief funds were spent.

Mr Lokopio said that he is quite disappointed with the way in which the post-tsunami relief assistance has been carried out. The Premier said that up until now, many of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami are still living in tents and it has been four months after the tsunami and earthquake hit the Western and Choiseul provinces.

Lokopio said that they are now in the recovery phase and he has estimated that the cost could be in the vicinity of SBD$200 to SBD$300 million dollars, to rebuild houses, and health and education facilities.

Lokopio, like others affected by the tsunami, are now beginning to wonder how the post tsunami funds were spent. The National Disaster Council Office in Honiara was not available for comments. Mr Lokopio said that he has also written to the National Disaster Council but is yet to get a reply.