Women of Western Province are calling for the suspension of logging license of the company whose security officers attacked six women from Vella La Vella.

The Western Province's Council of Women currently meeting in Gizo for a strategic planning workshop described the attack as "cruel and inhumane".

They urged responsible authorities to condemn and reconsider the logging operator's license because the company has not respected the women and mothers of the province.
Meanwhile, Omex Limited, who operates in Boloboe land on Vella La Vella island dispute news reports its security guards were involved in the wounding of women protestors.

In a statement, the company's lawyers in Honiara denied that Omex security guards were armed during the incident. It said injuries made by Omex officials with Gizo police reveal that although some women had been injured, such injuries did not come by company security guards.

The statement denied illegal logging operation on Boloboa land, explaining Omex currently operates as contractor for Boloboe Corporation, the license holder in respect of Boloboe customary land.

It clarified that Boloboe Corporation had obtained its license after having gone through processes set out by law, adding any challenge to the validity or legality of its operations should be taken to the High Court.

The statement state the company had in the past reported incidents committed by those wanting to interfere in the company's operations on Boloboe such as theft of company equipment, trespass to property, threats and intimidation to company workers by disgruntled people.

It said while it continues to abide by the laws of Solomon Islands, it will not hesitate to take legal action against those found to be spreading false information to damage its reputation.