The Prime Minister, in welcoming delegates of the Constitutional Congress and members of the Elders Advisory Group, stated that constitutional reform is necessary if not compelling.

Mr. Sogavare, who spoke during a dinner function last night, said that the current political system has failed to deliver the necessary reformative changes that Solomon Islanders aspire to.

"The delay has come at a price, the severity of the conflict came as a shock to everyone and was an expensive lesson to all of us," said Sogavare. "It will be a huge problem if we leave this matter unresolved."

Mr. Sogavare said that there is an urgent need to reform the constitution to reflect the realities of the country, a diverse society. "We all know with honesty that our country, Solomon Islands, has a seething problem that exists deep within our constitutional framework. A number of reviews and national consultations have demonstrated that to be the case," Sogavare said.

The Prime Minister said that the foundation of the new Solomon Islands is to be found at the very grass roots of our society. Sogavare said that it is important for Solomon Islanders to "repatriate our confidence and awake ourselves to the reality that no one but ourselves can solve our problems".