Youth Minister urges young people in Honiara to refrain from actions that would cause trouble to themselves.

Minister for Women, Youth and Children Affairs, Augustine Taneko, made the appeal amidst current political instability and a No Confidence motion against the Grand Coalition for Change Government.

He said only parliament has the legal and political mandate to deal with the No Confidence motion which is a normal democratic process. Meanwhile, the Malaita Provincial Government and Malaita Ma'asina Forum have called on Malaita people living in Honiara to refrain from involving themselves in any acts of violence, but to maintain peace and law and order.

SIBC news quotes Ma'asina Forum Secretary, William Gua, as stating that the two organizations made the call due to the involvement of Malaitans in acts of violence in the past, following political changes within parliament. Mr. Gua stressed the need for the public to allow and respect politicians who are legally mandated to decide and represent them in parliament.